Best Carpet Cleaners in Vancouver

Welcome to Canada’s most densely populated city, Vancouver! With so many apartment buildings, condos and single-family houses packed into this beautiful peninsula municipality, the demand for the best carpet cleaning companies in Vancouver is high. From Vancouver’s oldest residential neighbourhood in Strathcona to the sprawling condo towers in Yaletown, Coal Harbour and in East Vancouver from Mt. Pleasant to Grandview-Woodlands, the sheer variety of residential areas in one of Canada’s greatest cities means that Vancouver needs an experienced carpet-cleaning service to fill their needs and do the best cleaning job possible.

We offer Vancouver deep carpet cleaning, including tough spot stain removal and deep cleans form trained carpet-cleaning technicians, upholstery cleaning for furniture, tile cleaning, grout cleaning and a vast array of other services, including carpet-protection measures to preempt against permanent carpet stains, area-rug cleaning, duct cleaning and dryer-vent cleaning.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

We are also highly aware of our environmental footprint, because we care about our Vancouver communities. We use ServiceMaster’s Green For® cleaning product line, which do not have any harmful organic compounds or other negative environmental effects. We keep our vans idling for as little time as possible, while replacing older models with newer, more fuel-efficient ones.

Our Vancouver Carpet Cleaning Company

ServiceMaster Clean, Vancouver has been serving the Lower Mainland for approximately 25 years, providing residential carpet and upholstery cleaning to Vancouver homes, bachelor suites and large detached buildings to thousands of satisfied clients. Our carpet-cleaning technicians follow ServiceMaster Clean, Vancouver’s five-step cleaning process for your Vancouver family home for the best possible carpet and tile cleaning!

Locally owned and operated in Metro Vancouver, we know the importance of this community inside and out, and we care about our carpet-cleaning customers because they are our neighbours. We never charge hidden markup prices or “gotcha” pricing. What we quote you is what you will pay. Our carpet-cleaning services are efficient, highly professional and very competitively priced.

Book an appointment through our online reservation system, or call us today at 604-435-1135.

What to Expect With Our Service

  1. Inspect, with you, the area to be serviced and review of the total cost of the service.
  2. Apply a pre-spray to the carpet and let it dwell for three to five minutes. The pre-spray is a detergent solution that emulsifies (breaks down) the soil embedded in the carpet.
  3. Extract the detergent solutions.
  4. Rinse with clear water. This removes any residue that might cause the carpet to re-soil faster allowing for fresh, clean carpets.
  5. Post-treat any spots that might remain.
  6. Inspect the carpet with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Vancouver Carpet-Cleaning Services