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What sets ServiceMaster Clean Residential apart from our competitors?2017-01-26T12:57:22-08:00

The biggest advantage of choosing ServiceMaster Clean is the quality of our services. Our technicians are highly trained, and for the most part have had a long tenure with our company. Professional, certified and knowledgeable, you can be assured that you will receive the industry best in services, at reasonable cost. Moreover our technicians have access to exclusive ServiceMaster Clean product and equipment, which enables them provide the highest levels quality and effectiveness.

Why use Scotchgard with my cleaning?2017-01-26T12:57:39-08:00

Scotchgard is a brand of carpet protection manufactured by the 3M Corporation. It is a stain and water repellant treatment that prevents potentially harmful solutions from damaging the carpet. It beads liquids and prevents them from being absorbed by the fibres, where they may have otherwise cause permanent damage.

After a carpet cleaning some discolouration appeared or reappeared.2017-01-26T12:58:20-08:00

In these situations a variety of things may have occurred. A common one is that the affected area may have dried slightly slower, and therefore was left in a different position. Sometimes, if a stronger cleaner was required, there is some crystallized residue that may be extruded as the fibre dries. Another reason could be that the hot water extraction might have pulled up a pre-existing discolouration in the underlying mat that was not visible before. The first remedy is to vacuum the area and see the result. If the marks still remain then contact us and we will see what can be done.

How soon after a cleaning can I walk on my carpet?2017-01-26T12:59:17-08:00

In reality there is no reason why you can’t walk on the carpet right after it has been cleaned, it is just damp and can be uncomfortable. Walking on it at this stage may leave footprints, which can be easily removed if you vacuum the carpet as you would normally.

How quickly will my carpet dry?2017-01-26T12:59:22-08:00

Drying time can vary on a number of factors: ambient temperature, humidity, airflow and the fibre material. We typically advise that carpets will take on average 12 to 24 hours. However under the right conditions it can be much less. For example a warm day with low humidity and strong airflow can see a carpet dry in thirty minutes or less. A cool, dark room with no airflow may take a day or longer.

How long will my appointment take?2017-01-26T13:04:32-08:00

Most appointments require a minimum of an hour for apartments, and a little longer for houses. Whether or not the unit is furnished has little effect on the time it takes. Much of the time spent is in the set up of the equipment for the cleaning process.

Will my technician arrive on time?2017-01-26T13:04:32-08:00

We generally try to give a two-hour window for appointments. Its difficult to estimate precisely when a technician will arrive because the amount of time he or she needs to spend on a each job, as well as traffic and other issues. If you are concerned about time, morning bookings tend to be closer to a designated time.

How quickly can I book a call?2017-01-26T12:59:55-08:00

Generally we can accommodate people at their requested time two to three days in advance. We normally have very limited availability for next day appointments.

How do I pay?2017-01-26T13:06:41-08:00

We accept three major payment methods including cash, cheque and credit card (Visa and Mastercard).

When do I pay?2017-01-26T13:06:45-08:00

Generally payment is required when our technician completes his work, unless other arrangements have been made prior to the appointment.

Why does my Wool Carpet smell like a wet dog?2017-01-26T13:00:23-08:00

Wool is one of the only animal fibres in carpets, and can retain a strong smell when wet. This odour will dissipate once the carpet dries.

Will there be a smell?2017-01-26T13:00:31-08:00

Our Green For® cleaning products have no fragrances or solvents, so you don’t have to worry about a strong “detergent” smell being left behind.

Do you use any harmful chemicals?2017-01-26T13:04:32-08:00

ServiceMaster Clean has developed a green cleaning product line called Green For®. We do not use any volatile organic chemicals or other products that may be harmful to humans or animals. Rather these are formulated to have low environmental impact, and non-toxic to humans and pets. For more information on our Green Cleaning products and processes, click here. AUTO INSERT LINK TO GO GREEN PAGE.

Do you work on Saturdays or outside regular business hours?2017-01-26T13:01:21-08:00

We do work on Saturday and off hours on a case-by-case basis. It is best to call the office to see if arrangements can be made.

I can’t make my appointment? Or, I’d like to book an appointment but I won’t be home during regular business hours, what can I do?2017-01-26T13:01:32-08:00

If you already have an appointment booked but can’t make it the appointed time, please give us 24-hours notice, otherwise you may be charged for a call. However, you don’t need to be at home for our service. In reality over half of our customers are not at home while we finish our service. You can leave keys with a neighbor, property manager or concierge who can let us in. Your payment can also be left with them, or on a table inside your home.

How loud is the process?2017-01-26T13:04:32-08:00

It depends on the method. For a truck mount, the sound will be outdoors and no louder than the car on idle. For the portable unit, the noise would be comparable to a vacuum.

Do I need to move my furniture?2017-01-26T13:04:32-08:00

Generally no, though smaller pieces like ottomans or small tables can be set aside. Our cleaning focuses on high traffic areas, where dirt, spots and discolourations accumulate. Those are unlikely to be present underneath heavy furniture.

What should I do to prepare for your technician? Do I need to vacuum first even though you’re coming?2017-01-26T13:04:32-08:00

Yes. Our hot water extraction system is not like a normal vacuum. It is specially designed to draw out dirt, and other matter that is embedded deep within the carpet fibers, which normal vacuums cannot reach. While our vacuums can suck up “normal” dirt, this diminishes their ability to remove the deeply ingrained dirt.

What will he or she bring?2017-01-26T13:04:32-08:00

If you live in a home or town home (basically a home with parking beside your door) then our technician will often use his truck mount, which means a flexible tube is run from his van to the wand. In all other cases (condos, apartments, etc.) the tech will bring his portable machine, and run it in the hallway or the entranceway. He or she may also bring some commonly used cleaning solutions if required.

How many people will come into my home?2017-01-26T13:04:32-08:00

Just one technician is required.

Can I make an appointment online?2016-12-07T14:20:35-08:00

Yes! Just click here. http://servicemastercleanvancouver.force.com/QuoteBuilder

Can you remove all of the marks and stains out of my carpet?2016-12-07T14:10:54-08:00

We’ll make our best effort, but it really depends on how the discolouration was created. Our technicians have faced tens of thousands of marks and they usually get most of them out. However, some chemicals, such as lacquer paints, bleaches and the like, may physically alter the carpet fibres chemical structure, which cannot be reversed.

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