ServiceMaster Clean Vancouver grout cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

ServiceMaster Clean Residential, Vancouver technicians are trained to identify the tile and grout in your home and address its specific requirements. Our patented pressure washing Viper System and cleaning solutions are specifically designed to penetrate water and solutions into the grout and tiles, lifting oils and stains from the substrate, while sealing the surface to provide some added protection from future spills. The process adds years of life to your tile, renewing their look while preserving them for the future.

Our six-step tile and grout cleaning process

Our six-step tile and grout cleaning process gets your grout clean and keeps it looking its best. It can be used on both ceramic and porcelain tile and is ideal for kitchens, baths, countertops, and other tiled areas of your home.  The ServiceMaster Clean Tile and Grout Cleaning process includes:

  • A preliminary inspection of your tiled areas is conducted to assess the best cleaning method
  • Spots and stains are pre-sprayed using our proprietary green cleaning product
  • Dirt and ground-in soil are removed with high pressure cleaning that also rinses and extracts excess water
  • Corners and baseboards are carefully cleaned
  • Tiled areas are efficiently dried
  • Grout lines are sealed to preserve cleanliness and prevent long term damage (optional)