Gutter Scrubbing and Vacuum Cleaning in Vancouver

Gutter and Roof Cleaning

Like any other part of a house, gutters require maintenence. Over time built up dirt, grime and algae can soon make them look unsightly, or completely ineffective. Moreover gutters can leak at the joins and sag due to the weight of material in the trough. While metal gutters avoid some of these problems, they too face leaking due to corrosion at key joins or fastener points.

We offer a very high level of service, Includes; exterior gutter scrubbing to make them look as good as on day one, stay bar fitted to the ladder so we are not directly placing any weight on the gutter line and extension tools to reach above any hard to access areas such as porches and awnings. One of our specialized tools is a gutter vacuum:

Furthermore all waste is disposed of by us and we can send before and after pictures of the job after we complete it. Finally, we offer minor gutter repairs, such as sealing and bonding on gutters and such like. For situations that require full new gutters, we have several close and trusted relationships with a more appropriate service advisor.

Related to gutter cleaning is roof blowing, which helps to ensure once we clean a gutter, it stays clean. We use brushes and blowers to remove any debris that may interfere with the normal passage of water. Again we remove the debris we collect offsite. We also offer a spray treatment which kills and prevents all moss and algae over a period of time.

So if your gutters and roof need a bit of love, call the ServiceMaster Clean Team today.